So, as you can all probably tell, I ❤ Eric Northman of True Blood. So, I will be posting “ERIC NORTHMAN PRON” from time to time. So Here GOES:

Wake Up Hottie Northman!

I have to admit that I have become oddly attatched to Amnesiac Eric. He has an innocence to him that draws me to him. Something about the way he is free with his emotions and not so guarded. He is almost a child, only not a child, cuz I don’t find kids schmexy like I do Eric.


Eric is adorable as he tries to avoid walking on Sookie’s carpet. I almost want to jump on him and smother him in hugs…. *SQUEE*


And Eric being ticklish? OH MY GAHD, ES SO CYOOT!!! I just love it! Alexander Skarsgard is an adorable monster isn’t he?!

Another someone I was excited to see back, although not as excited about Eric, was Alcide.  The whole conversation between ;Alcide and Sookie (shown in the gif below) just made me almost pee myself I was laughing so HARD!!

Granted this was not a HUGE Eric Northman post, it was an Eric Northman post none the less. Anywho… I will leave you with this:

Season Two goodness… hehe