So, my boyfriend and I both go to the Arts Institute. He is a 3D Graphic Design Artist and I am a Culinary student. We met at the outside smoking area. I was hanging with a few friends (who where smokers) when all of the sudden Bear shows up. I shall refer to my boyfriend as Bear. Because he is a FUCKING BEAR. I kid you not he’s 6 ft 4 inches (maybe 6’5”) broad and just unbelievably big. He makes me feel friggen tiny. He’s Alcide- Fuckin- Harveux with hazel eyes and a little less hair cuz he just got it cut…*le sigh* ANYWHO…

Bear is a bear of a human being who loves Doctor Who and gaming. I know, right?! I lucked the fuck out. So, imagine my surprise when I asked my Bear if he liked True Blood. His response?

“Vampires Suck”.

*LE GASP* So what did I do? I begged him to watch the first episode of True Blood and when he did he said…

“Tell anybody I said this and I will deny it and call you a fuckin’ liar… It was good.”

So what did I do?