1. Denial: You may go see the movie and cry your eyes out or you may go and say “This isn’t it! JK Rowling MUST do more!”

2:Anger: You may send angry letters or emails to a one Ms. JK Rowling, demanding to know “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!?!? I WAS A LOYAL FAN! I AM A GOOD PERSON! WHY MUST YOU RIP MY HEART OUT AND LEAVE ME HERE TO BLEED!???”

3.Bargaining: You may stand outside the theater, offering money, sex or even your collector’s edition whachumyacallit to someone if they will only take you in with them to watch the greatest ending of all time. You may also go to JK Rowling’s offices and beg for her to “Please do something?! I’ll do anything!”

4.Depression: You may curl into a ball, surrounded by your Harry Potter memorabilia, sobbing for days until you finally stop, feeling tired and used, and for so long afterward you will feel like a broken hollow mockery of the human condition and nothing will make it better.

5. Acceptance: Finally, you may go to Best Buy, preorder the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2 BluRay, and you will go about your life, visiting POTTERMORE occasionally, but a part of you will always belong to the Potter.