True Blood Season 4 Episode 4 TONIGHT!! I have been jonesing for some Eric Northman goodness all week and now I get to have it!! I’m so excited! I only have about 2 hours left until I get my fix of my Viking…. yes I refer to him as MY Viking. I just feel for him is all… shut up….

I am also pretty eager to see the aftermath of Eric draining Claudine. That cant be the last we see of her. I mean, she’s all through out the book series… will Claude take over? And what’s going to happen with Lafayette, Jesus, Tara and Pam? Will she kill, fuck and eat any of them? Obviously not, but it was such a fun threat. HAHA.

I’m also pretty curious as to when we’re gonna get to the good parts….meaning the sexiness between Eric and Sookie. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Eric slam Billium into a wall all fanged out or whatever… fun!

I really enjoy seeing that you people enjoy reading my blog. If there is ANYTHING at all you want me to talk about or to review as far as films or episodes, let me know. Also, if you want to see any cool GIFs let me know what they are and I will find some and post ’em.