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So, this past week’s episode of True Blood was pretty awesome. Eric was adorable and frisky, Pam was bad ass, Alcide was jealously protective and Bill…. Bill was a douche as always. I’m so done with King Billium of Louisiana. I hope Eric beats his ass hardcore. We came so close to an ACTUAL Eric and Sookie kiss, but King Billium screwed us over. Pam’s face got rotted off by Marnie/Hallow, and Alcide got sexy time with bitch Debbie Pelt. Oh! Jason drank some Jessica blood and I’m going “Uh-Oh…” I sense a Hoyt-Jessica-Jason love triangle…. OH NO!!

Now, some awesome moments in picture form:

As if Sookie could “ground” Eric.

Eric got SO drunk that he face planted…

He was able to run around for a bit during the day cuz of Claudine’s blood and he decided to take a swim in the lake. Sookie would be his sea goddess and he would be the God of the Sea… adorable!!

But first he would have to fight the Krokodiler…

But those cowards wouldn’t show so, he picked a fight with Alcide…

And Alcide dont take that shit from no one, especially Eric…

But Sookie took away all our fun…

But, all things must come to an end. Eric starts to burn and has to go home. Because he’s all sad faced, Sookie tries to cheer him up.

But just when they get to that point…

King Billium of Louisiana shows up and cockblocks us….. I hate Billium.

So, there are the best Eric moments on this weeks episode of True Blood. We can catch all new episodes of True Blood at 9pm only on HBO. And if you missed anything go to HBOGO.COM and you can catch up there.


I really wanna be a Mythbuster. The experiments look SO FUN!! I’m just not good at math, so I would suck at doing physics and shit. But I love the Mythbusters. They drop shit out of helicopters, blow shit up and shoot awesome guns. Why can’t I do that….and have it NOT be illegal?

I wonder when Shark week is… August, right? I love Shark Week. I know it’s weird, but I look forward to watching the same shit for one week a year. I get all excited and watch it, even DVR some of it.

I haven’t watched Dirty Jobs in a while… I wonder what other dirty jobs are out there. My fave was the firework one. What’s yours?

So, if you could work on one show on the Discovery channel, what show would it be and why?


LOOK WHAT THAT BITCH DID!!! SHE MADE HIM ALL SAD FACED! At least he’s not this kind of sad faced:

cuz I dont think I could take it if he broke down like this again…

How awkward are your hugs?

This was a very awkward moment….

Severus Snape had loved this woman for forever. He loved her so much and all he had wanted was for her to love him back.  He lost her to James, and he lost her again to Death. He never truly got to express how sorry he was to her, and here he is, holding her in his arms, without getting the chance to say how much he loves her. He lost the only thing that kept him happy. He lost the only being in his life who truly appreciated him and did love him, no matter what. He lost a true friend. He had risked everything, EVERYTHING,  to protect Harry. He loved Lily so much, he died protecting her son. He was manipulating Voldemort, his enemy, risking his life, all because of Lily. He loved and he cared for Harry because of who his mother was. In the end, he lost all that he truly cared about, but he never gave up because he knew that if he could protect Harry, Lily Evans wouldn’t of died in vain.

Severus Snape is truly the bravest man I’ve ever known and losing him hurts more than I can express.

and just because I want to end this on a “Happy” Snape note:


I see something that makes me LOL so hard and my parents are like:

So I go to show my friends, but they’re like:

But then, defeated, I go to the one person who gets me. My boy friend… and he’s like:

And it makes me go:

Cuz he gets me…



True Blood Season 4 Episode 4 TONIGHT!! I have been jonesing for some Eric Northman goodness all week and now I get to have it!! I’m so excited! I only have about 2 hours left until I get my fix of my Viking…. yes I refer to him as MY Viking. I just feel for him is all… shut up….

I am also pretty eager to see the aftermath of Eric draining Claudine. That cant be the last we see of her. I mean, she’s all through out the book series… will Claude take over? And what’s going to happen with Lafayette, Jesus, Tara and Pam? Will she kill, fuck and eat any of them? Obviously not, but it was such a fun threat. HAHA.

I’m also pretty curious as to when we’re gonna get to the good parts….meaning the sexiness between Eric and Sookie. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Eric slam Billium into a wall all fanged out or whatever… fun!

I really enjoy seeing that you people enjoy reading my blog. If there is ANYTHING at all you want me to talk about or to review as far as films or episodes, let me know. Also, if you want to see any cool GIFs let me know what they are and I will find some and post ’em.


So I  FINALLY got to sleep at around 6am and I woke up at 9. A little over three hours. Go me. Needless to say, I should be exhausted, but I am not. I just can’t be.

I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 just a couple of hours ago and I spent half of the film clutching my milkduds and slushie so hard I thought my hand would for sure crush the cup and cardboard, but it didn’t, and the other half weeping so hard I thought my chest would implode.

They somehow managed to kill EVERYONE I loved (except Ron, George and Neville, thank GOD) in a matter of 15 minutes. I sobbed so hard when Fred died, but even harder when Snape died. I felt like I was losing a dear friend when I watched Snape die. He was an amazing character and Alan Rickman was SO wonderful in the role, that you cant help but feel the loss deep in the pit of your stomach. I was ECSTATIC when they did Snape’s Death scene though. They truly did it justice.

So, today, so far, I am EMOTIONALLY drained. I got my crying out plus, I got to complete my Harry Potter experience by doing what I promised I would. I took my Sirius Black wand with me to the film, and as the screen went black and the score soared through the theater, I raised my wand high above my head and spoke the words that would symbolize the completion of something that great…”Mischief Managed.”

So, I can’t sleep and it’s annoying. I’m missing the boyfriend and I’m excited about seeing HPDH2 in the morning. I’m just not going to sleep tonight. I will stay awake all night and be okay… okay that’s a lie.

Bear watched episode one of season four of True Blood recently….lol. I win so hardcore. I got him into True Blood when his sister couldn’t. My next project? Get him into something else awesomely twisted and depraved…like knitting. JK JK… how funny would that be though? Someone as tough as my Bear knitting and sipping tea with lemon with a doily…. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

See what being sleep deprived does to me? Es no bueno!