Everyone has either seen or read something involving Harry Potter in the last 10 years and I’m sure everyone knows about Hitler and the Nazi party. But does anybody notice the similarities in Harry Potter to one of the most horrible periods in History?

-Voldamort, aka Tom Riddle, was a very charismatic and persuasive young man. It was that persuasion that allowed him to become so powerful. His father was a “muggle” and for it he hated his father. He hated being a half blood wizard so he rebuked all things that related to his bloodline.He decided to rid himself of all muggles so he could kill that part of himself.

-Adolf Hitler was an outstanding speaker. He was very charismatic and persuasive. It was that charisma that allowed him to rise to power. His mother was Jewish. He hated being Jewish and because of it he decided to get rid of all that he hated about himself by taking it out on others.

-The Deatheaters were close followers and personal officers of Voldamort. They started out as his personal guard and quickly became his soldires.

-The Waffen SS were Hitler’s personal guard that, as he rose to power, became his soldiers and army.

-The Deatheaters printed pamphlets on how evil the Muggles were and how the muggle born would destroy their peaceful society.

-The Nazi’s printed pamphlets on how evil the Jewish people were and how they would destroy Germany’s peaceful society.

-The Deatheaters killed Muggles, mudbloods, and sympathizers, people they thought would weaken their “Pure Blood Race”.

-The Nazi’s killed millions of Jews, homosexuals, the mentally handicapped and sympathizers, people they thought would pollute their” Pure Blood Aryan Race”.


I find it interesting how JK Rowling would write a children’s book with so many historical undertones. Did she realize she was doing it? Was it intentional? Or was it done subconsciously? Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?