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So I’m hanging in my bedroom, watching some TV, when all of a sudden my little brother comes in and changes the channel on MY TV. I’m sitting there looking at him and I’m all:

He gives me this look like:

And I return it with my own look like:

*rons face*

And change the channel back to what I was watching. He’s all:

and takes my remote away and changes the channel back to what he was watching. So I did what any big sister would do:

I told my my mom. As he was leaving, all dejected like, I couldn’t help it.

I laughed.


So, this past week’s episode of True Blood was pretty awesome. Eric was adorable and frisky, Pam was bad ass, Alcide was jealously protective and Bill…. Bill was a douche as always. I’m so done with King Billium of Louisiana. I hope Eric beats his ass hardcore. We came so close to an ACTUAL Eric and Sookie kiss, but King Billium screwed us over. Pam’s face got rotted off by Marnie/Hallow, and Alcide got sexy time with bitch Debbie Pelt. Oh! Jason drank some Jessica blood and I’m going “Uh-Oh…” I sense a Hoyt-Jessica-Jason love triangle…. OH NO!!

Now, some awesome moments in picture form:

As if Sookie could “ground” Eric.

Eric got SO drunk that he face planted…

He was able to run around for a bit during the day cuz of Claudine’s blood and he decided to take a swim in the lake. Sookie would be his sea goddess and he would be the God of the Sea… adorable!!

But first he would have to fight the Krokodiler…

But those cowards wouldn’t show so, he picked a fight with Alcide…

And Alcide dont take that shit from no one, especially Eric…

But Sookie took away all our fun…

But, all things must come to an end. Eric starts to burn and has to go home. Because he’s all sad faced, Sookie tries to cheer him up.

But just when they get to that point…

King Billium of Louisiana shows up and cockblocks us….. I hate Billium.

So, there are the best Eric moments on this weeks episode of True Blood. We can catch all new episodes of True Blood at 9pm only on HBO. And if you missed anything go to HBOGO.COM and you can catch up there.

So, my boyfriend and I both go to the Arts Institute. He is a 3D Graphic Design Artist and I am a Culinary student. We met at the outside smoking area. I was hanging with a few friends (who where smokers) when all of the sudden Bear shows up. I shall refer to my boyfriend as Bear. Because he is a FUCKING BEAR. I kid you not he’s 6 ft 4 inches (maybe 6’5”) broad and just unbelievably big. He makes me feel friggen tiny. He’s Alcide- Fuckin- Harveux with hazel eyes and a little less hair cuz he just got it cut…*le sigh* ANYWHO…

Bear is a bear of a human being who loves Doctor Who and gaming. I know, right?! I lucked the fuck out. So, imagine my surprise when I asked my Bear if he liked True Blood. His response?

“Vampires Suck”.

*LE GASP* So what did I do? I begged him to watch the first episode of True Blood and when he did he said…

“Tell anybody I said this and I will deny it and call you a fuckin’ liar… It was good.”

So what did I do?